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Re: Tesla's World Electrical System (was Field Mill Voltmeter

Original poster: "Metlicka Marc by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <mystuffs-at-orwell-dot-net>

bill, all,
finally a respected individual with an open mind about this!
Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "davep by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"
> Tesla list wrote:
> > Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"
> <wysock-at-ttr-dot-com>
> > To all on the Tesla List.
> >
> > Thank you John C.!!!  To everyone; please don't "rush to judgment"
> > when it comes to your conceptions of what Tesla was trying to do!


> > In his own words, his system (was not) Hertzian electromagnetic
> > wave propagated energy (which, as everyone knows, attenuates
> > by the square of doubling the distance).
>         ..except on transmission lines, as earth surface &
>         ionosphere...
> > I see a myriad of posts to this list, suggesting that Tesla was
> > using "classical" Hertzian electromagnetic wave propagation.
>         I believe he was.

since no actual reference to the actual of his ideas or theories, it
couldn't be said for sure. but i think not

> > Tesla states time and again, "this is not so".
>         ...whether he realized it or not.
>         ALSO, there were patent angles.  By asserting a unique
>         system, Tesla set himself a more defensible patent position.

but to try to understand what he was saying to be so we have to look at
all the things tesla had and was working on. it seems to me that tesla
was into harmonics and resonation of every scale, the shaking apart of a
building comes to mind. it would be in these hidden areas where the
leads to an answer might be found.

> > I know there are many members of this list that are thirsting
> > for knowledge and insight, as to what Dr. Tesla meant, by his
> > printed (and otherwise quoted) words.  We have all waited at
> > least 100+ years (as per Tesla's own predictions), to solve the
> > riddle of this  wireless electrical energy transmission problem.
>         Many things proposed 100 year ago have been found undoable...

ahhh, but more things that were thought to be impossible have been
proven to be so! 

> > I can only quote Dr. Tesla once again: "See the excitement
> > coming!"  Translation:  I (personally) believe that Tesla had indeed
> > solved the riddle of (almost lossless) electrical energy transmission
> > (without wires). 

this is a refreshing statement! if all the men of science lived in a
closed and mystery free world in there own mind, then there would be no
discoveries at all. i'm sure that before the tesla coil was shown there
were many that would have thought i just couldn't be?

 I don't expect anyone to believe this on this
> > list.

you may be right, but since i'm a no one on this list, i can say that i
believe as you!

  However, I have satisfied myself as to the practicality
> > (of this method and process), and hold out hope that one day soon,
> > this method will be widely accepted, in today's paradigm view
> > of how things work.
>         A demonstration will settle matter...

and when a demonstration presents itself, what would the nonbelievers
say? and how fast will they be to jump the band wagon as ones that
helped to bring this discovery about? the findings and discoveries of
the tssp project only lead to prove that there are forces at work inside
of all of our hobby that are hard to explain and understand, but yet we
fire our coils and say that we know how they work.

> > Until all the experimental proof can be verified by indepentent
> > sources, it will remain, as it has, for over 100 years, a subject
> > for constant debate, argument, and disbelief.

well said and since i have nothing to prove and therefore nothing to
loose, i agree.
it is sad that some of the discoveries that could be found by some list
members will never be because there is a transition going on towards
"your coil should be built this way, with these items, and powered like
this" discoveries only happen when new things are tried, different then
the norm/ MUD CAPACITORS? i read much "can't work" posts until it was
shown that a scientific mind could, if they wanted, make a ceramic cap
at home. mmc's and rotary gaps are NOT the only way to go, there a man
was that made a capacitor out of plastic "party plates", this was a
better idea then the party cups and without giving it the forethought it
deserved, he was shot down.
imagine the plates stacked to 100kv cells and paralleled into a large
stack inside a five gallon bucket, i would think a gallon of oil would
fill and with the bucket properly sealed, a very good tc capacitor could
be had for even the lowest budget pig coiler?
oh but we all know that mmc's are the only way to go don't we?
we won't even go into the benefits of the triggered gap, who wants to
throw away all that work done on there rotaries?
i've said enough if i've said to much,
marc m. 
(a believer)
and yes my keyboard has a shift key.

> > Respectfully,
> > Bill Wysock.
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> > > Subject:       RE: Tesla's World Electrical System
> > > Original poster: "John H. Couture by way of Terry Fritz
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> > > To All -
> > > If you go to this site you will find the basics for Tesla's world
> electrical
> > > system. Quoted from the site "Standing on a hilltop, you would see a
> > > of electric-field lines shooting out of the ground everywhere,
> stretching up
> > > to the ionosphere".  These are currents circulating between the
> > > and earth with billions of kilowatt hours a day.
> > > This electrical energy powers the weather, etc, on earth. The source of
> this
> > > energy is the sun. Tesla wanted to use this system except with electrical
> > > sources on earth. He said he had solved the earth to ionosphere path
> problem
> > > but never revealed the details. In other words the circuitry is already
> > > available, only implementation is required. The system would use currents
> > > not Hertzian waves.
>         I'd be interested in measurements of these currents...
>         best
>         dwp