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RE: Tesla's World Electrical System (was Field Mill Voltmeter)

Original poster: "John H. Couture by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <couturejh-at-worldnet.att-dot-net>

To All -

If you go to this site you will find the basics for Tesla's world electrical
system. Quoted from the site "Standing on a hilltop, you would see a forest
of electric-field lines shooting out of the ground everywhere, stretching up
to the ionosphere". These are currents circulating between the ionosphere
and earth with billions of kilowatt hours a day.

This electrical energy powers the weather, etc, on earth. The source of this
energy is the sun. Tesla wanted to use this system except with electrical
sources on earth. He said he had solved the earth to ionosphere path problem
but never revealed the details. In other words the circuitry is already
available, only implementation is required. The system would use currents
not Hertzian waves.

John Couture


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you should be able to turn up details of field mills...



What you need is a sensitive AC voltmeter, preferably synchronized to the
rotation rate of the vanes.  Almost any high impedance op amp amplifier
will probably do.

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