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Digital Camera? HELP

hi all,
i would like to say that my 3" diameter coil is now in operation! also i would
like to thank you all for your suggestions with my MMC and other things. i have
got a few discharges to a latter about 20" away. i havent even tuned it yet! i
jsut placed it where the calcualtions said and it worked. and it worked read
good so i havent gottin around to tuning it. 
my question is thought that i have this digital camera and when i take the
pictures with the lights out w/o flash they are all black. and when i do use
the flash it totaly wipes out the sparks and it looks like it isnt even there.
also if i turn a few lights on then its ok but still really bad. I have seen
alot of pics people saying they used a digital camera and it seems that i cant
get these pics.