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RE: MMC! Help ME!

There are several good brands. I'm sure some coilers will tell you their
favorites. I have been successful using the Seacor .047/1600 poly caps from
D&M Hi Voltage.
The website: http://home-dot-netcom-dot-com/~davmckin/DMsProducts.htm

I used 5 perf boards, each with 20 caps. The total of 100 is .0117mF at
You can see a rear view of the assembled MMC at:
My first light and a couple of other photos are there too (at /tesla)
The power source is a 15KV/60mA Allanson NST. My 6" 900 watt coil is running
just fine.
Hope I've helped.

Safety First
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Ted Rosenberg
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I have made a resolution to finally graduate above beer bottle capacitors. 
Looking over my options, I see a multi-mini cap as the easiest and cheapest 
solution. Is this accurate? If so - here's the important part - what sort of

mini capacitor should I use? If someone good give me a specific part number 
that worked well for them - or even numerical values - I would be VERY 
grateful. I'm currently running off a 12 kv NST, 30 mA. I'm looking for 
around 0.01 uF. Any suggestions?

-Yuri Markov
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