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RE: MMC! Help ME!

marc: I looked over the step-by-step and I think the innovative factor is
great. But, I saw your cost factor spelled out for the first time and said
"Huh?" to myself.

You state that your cupcaps cost $1/nF. That means that for a .01mF which
Yuri would need, the cost would be about $100?

Using Dave McKinnon's .047 Seacors cost me $130 and I feel it is more
reliable for the money. And it's much more portable. or am I missing
something here?

Ted Rosenberg
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Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!

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hello yuri,
if you would like a step between salt water and mmc caps, try my "party
cup" cap. the cost of construction runs around $1.00 a nanofarad, so for
a 10nf cap (.001uf) $10.00 and about one hour construction time are all
that are needed. i built a 5nf cap in a piece of 4" drain pipe with a
screw plug sewage clean out to take to the ne ohio teslathon, filled
with oil and screwed tight, this cap is very mobil, then before firing
the coil loosen the cap a little. the polystyrene cups seem to do well
and i will be running them to see how long they last?
construction info is hosted by gregory hunter on his web sight at
www.angelfire-dot-com /ga3/tesla/cupcap.htm