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Re: T-24 Hours Until New (Really Bright 10KVA) Light...

>         My 10KVA pig has been sitting very patiently in the garage
awaiting its
> moment of glory.  We have almost finished wiring up the big extension cord
> that is to be run from the big 240v dryer outlet.  Very convenient since
> that is only about 10 feet from where the transformer will be.  We have a
> great arc welder to work with for ballasting, but I also went to the local
> junkyard and ripped an element from a dryer.  With my DMM, it measures
> about 8 ohms.  Does that sound right?  I hope so, because I like the idea
> of my coil running at a cool 30 amps. :-)  Also, I imagine that that
> element is bound to get VERY hot.  What do ya'll suggest to keep it cool?

Place it in a full aquarium.  I'd think that a 20 gallon tank would provide
cooling potential for a few runs.If it doesn't, you could try leaving the hose
running on a trickle in the tank.  Of course, careful of wiring, and make
sure to
keep an adequate gap between the element and aquarium wall/bottom.