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T-24 Hours Until New (Really Bright 10KVA) Light...

	My 10KVA pig has been sitting very patiently in the garage awaiting its
moment of glory.  We have almost finished wiring up the big extension cord
that is to be run from the big 240v dryer outlet.  Very convenient since
that is only about 10 feet from where the transformer will be.  We have a
great arc welder to work with for ballasting, but I also went to the local
junkyard and ripped an element from a dryer.  With my DMM, it measures
about 8 ohms.  Does that sound right?  I hope so, because I like the idea
of my coil running at a cool 30 amps. :-)  Also, I imagine that that
element is bound to get VERY hot.  What do ya'll suggest to keep it cool?

	Ryan Ries <spud.pureinsanity-dot-net>

PS - Robert and I are working on a very cool 3-dimensional computer
animated Tesla Coil video.  It's mainly going to be eye-candy (hope you
guys have OpenGL :-))  But we plan on having short commentaries, or at
least naming off the parts as the camera flies past them or something, so
it might be somewhat educational for those who don't know where to start
with Tesla coils.