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Inert gas SG

Inert gas SG
I was thinking to avoid oxidation on SG one should be able to fill ones SG
with an inert gas such as He, Ar or CO2(will the co2 brake down -at- 15kv?) and
avoid the UV and x-rays produced in a vacuum. Unfortunately I can not find
the breakdown (dielectric) voltage for any of these gases. Even in my Chem.
and Phy. Handbook.  Does any one know where I can find this info? My pan is
to build an air-tight Plexiglas box to go over my SG with some valves in it
to let in the gas. If it is strong enough I will first evacuate it with a
vacuum pump. If that does not work I would just have to flush it out with a
lot of gas which could get expensive fast!! I will also need to build some
sort of manipulator to adjust the SG.
Comments please
Alex Madsen    qpvvv
    l                     ll

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