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Re: Secondary form-black pvc

Hi Alex,

	I really don't know of a way to be absolutely sure.  However, If you put
two small screws in it about 1.5 inches apart and hook the high voltage
from say a neon transformer across it for a few minutes and it does not
burn or get hot, it is probably ok.  If it holds static charges easily,
that is also a good sign.



At 07:04 PM 9/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Terry
>Is there a good way to test if the pvc contains carbon? The inside (black
>part) of the pvc is shiny and I can't get any black stuff off it with paper
>or my hands.
>If you want i will post a pic of it on my web sight.
>Thanks for you input!
>Alex Madsen
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>> Hi Alex,
>> Black PVC has a bad reputation especially when it is dull looking and
>> leaves black marks on your hands (a sure sign of conductive carbon black).
>> The outdoor and UV protected stuff is full of carbon black.  There is a
>> black kind that is very shinny that seems to like high voltage, but best
>> not to mess with black PVC unless you are sure.
>> Sonotube is an old favorite of coilers.  You have to make the form a bit
>> longer to really help avoid surface arcs.  The cardboard burns easily.
>> However, if you make it long, Sonotube is wonderful for big coils and far
>> less expensive than some alternates.  My big coil is made from it:
>> Dry it well with a heat source (like a light bulb inside it for a day or
>> so) and coat it good with polyurethane.  It will be a strong and really
>> nice secondary.
>> Cheers,
>> Terry
>> At 04:59 PM 9/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>> >Secondary form
>> >
>> >Hi all
>> >The 6" pvc I bough for my secondary form I found out was only covered in
>> >white pvc. The inside  is black PVC. I read here some where that that is
>> >very bad due to the carbon used to turn it black. Is this true? After
>> >looking around for a while I fond some 6" cardboard tubing used for
>> >concrete into for footings and such.  It is strong enough to hold its
>> >and support a significant weight + light weight. I as thinking this would
>> >perfect for coils. It is less expensive then pvc and come in many
>> >up to I think 56".  The technical name for this is "sonotube" Here is a
>> >sight run by one of the may manufactures of the stuff. There is a
>> >description as well as info. on  different sizes and pics.
>> >http://www.sonoco-dot-com/sonotubes.htm There are may there manufacturers. I
>> >have some form Mercer paper tubing corp. My plan is to cut off the ends
>> >(which are bent). Dry it well with a heat gun.(to get rid of the absorbed
>> >H2O which may reduce performance) Give the tube several heave coats of
>> >polyurethane and  then sand it smooth.( there are little bumps where the
>> >seams in the sonotube are).  Then I will begin to wrap the tube with
>> >Will this work well? Cements please !!!!!!
>> >Here are some pic of the tube i paln to use.
>> >http://www.geocities-dot-com/alexmadsen/
>> >Alex Madsen
>> >PS I think this would be good  for BIG TCs!!
>> >
>> >
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