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Re: Secondary form, New idea!!

Hi Alex,

	Black PVC has a bad reputation especially when it is dull looking and
leaves black marks on your hands (a sure sign of conductive carbon black).
The outdoor and UV protected stuff is full of carbon black.  There is a
black kind that is very shinny that seems to like high voltage, but best
not to mess with black PVC unless you are sure.

Sonotube is an old favorite of coilers.  You have to make the form a bit
longer to really help avoid surface arcs.  The cardboard burns easily.
However, if you make it long, Sonotube is wonderful for big coils and far
less expensive than some alternates.  My big coil is made from it:

Dry it well with a heat source (like a light bulb inside it for a day or
so) and coat it good with polyurethane.  It will be a strong and really
nice secondary.



At 04:59 PM 9/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Secondary form
>Hi all
>The 6" pvc I bough for my secondary form I found out was only covered in
>white pvc. The inside  is black PVC. I read here some where that that is
>very bad due to the carbon used to turn it black. Is this true? After
>looking around for a while I fond some 6" cardboard tubing used for poring
>concrete into for footings and such.  It is strong enough to hold its shape
>and support a significant weight + light weight. I as thinking this would be
>perfect for coils. It is less expensive then pvc and come in many diameter
>up to I think 56".  The technical name for this is "sonotube" Here is a web
>sight run by one of the may manufactures of the stuff. There is a
>description as well as info. on  different sizes and pics.
>http://www.sonoco-dot-com/sonotubes.htm There are may there manufacturers. I
>have some form Mercer paper tubing corp. My plan is to cut off the ends
>(which are bent). Dry it well with a heat gun.(to get rid of the absorbed
>H2O which may reduce performance) Give the tube several heave coats of
>polyurethane and  then sand it smooth.( there are little bumps where the
>seams in the sonotube are).  Then I will begin to wrap the tube with wire.
>Will this work well? Cements please !!!!!!
>Here are some pic of the tube i paln to use.
>Alex Madsen
>PS I think this would be good  for BIG TCs!!
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