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Re: 1500-3000 turn coils

In a message dated 9/9/00 5:43:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com 

> > i have often wondered if the shape of a inverse conical primary produces
>  > a somewhat inclined magnetic field? the reason i ask is that on my 10-1
>  > "candle stick" coil, an inverse cone produced a much better discharge
>  > then a flat spiral. i tried many diameters and tubing sizes for the flat
>  > spiral but the cone always did better. i thought that maybe this could
>  > be due to the field inclining into a point "so to speak" thus causing a
>  > stronger couple or density in the thin secondary windings? of coarse i
>  > could be wrong (it has been said that i think to much). if you could
>  > enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated.
>  > marc


When you used the flat primary, did you try lowering the bottom of
the secondary somewhat below the primary (maybe a couple of inches
below if needed)?  This should have tightened the coupling and restored the 
proper spark output I would think.  (The possibility of primary to secondary 
increases however, so I don't really recommend this approach, but it 
never-the-less makes a good test.)

I don't think a person can ever think *too much*    :)   The approach
of thinking, experimenting, and discussing ideas with others is a winning
combo.  The great wealth of info from the smart minds on this list is
of inestimable value.

John Freau