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Re: "human" topload

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "acmnovak" <acmnovak-at-msn-dot-com>
> greetings all,
> Is there a way to calculate the capacity of a human topload? I'd like to try
> tuning a coil to my body's resonant frequency, just for kicks...
> Although, I do not reccommend anyone else try it.
> I've taken some pretty big arcs, and I feel I'm ready to move on to some
> and better demos.
> Safe coiling,
> -Michael

	As a very rough order-of-magnitude estimate, assume the capacitance in
pfd is about half your body height (in centimeters, that is).  That is
the radius of the equivalent sphere.  Bet it won't be off by more than
20% or so.  (Assuming, that is, that you are isolated in outer space. 
If you happen to be on earth, the actual capacitance to ground will be
somewhat greater.)