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RE: blown NST's

Hi all, Terry,

 My sync motor let go when a streamer "attacked" if pretty viciously.  I'm
figuring the windings inside flashed over due to the HV, and it loosed the
mains power to flash through at high amperage. Current draw is now
substantially higher (now ~.75A), and it approaches "meltdown temperature"
in less than 5 min.  It's partially my fault, as I didn't have the motor
case grounded, and it turned out to be within strike range (i wasn't
expecting long arcs).
  So, I chalk up this death to "operator error."  They should be really hard
to kill, and so far the only bad thing i've found is they get hot pretty
rapidly.  I'd guess from the higher current draw. i'll keep it on the DC
async gap for awhile, and see what happens.  High-breakrates do some neat

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Hi Sundog,

	If your running an LTR cap with safety gaps.  I would think you are doing
everything right and the NST will not blow.

	I keep hearing of occasional cooked sync motors.  What cooked your motor?
I would think the motor would be fairly blowup proof.  Do we need to think
up some things to protect motors too??



At 11:06 AM 9/7/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi All,
> I recently cooked my sync motor, so I grabbed DC motor (thanks again,
>Dave!), and fired that up -at- ~500bps.  Ran it for a decent while on a
>of coils, and so far have no ill effects on the tranny.  The saftey gap I
[big snip]