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Re: blown NST's

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> Original poster: "TruckDrivingMan" <Tom.Ansorg-at-t-online.de> 
>  Hi
>  You may not use NSTs with a RSG.You have to put a safety (static) gap
>  parallel.I don't exactly know why,but consider it as a matter of fact
>  Tom

Tom, all,

NST's are so fragile (although I hear they have more robust ones
in Germany).  The static gaps limit the voltage to a certain safe
level, esp if the gap is set rather close.  A close gap however
limits the spark length.  So it's a trade-off; narrow gap = safety,
wide gap = danger for the most part.  NST's were never designed
for Tesla type use.  Even with a static gap, some RF gets back
into the NST, and takes its destructive toll over time.  Some folks
use protective networks using MOV's, filters resistors, etc. to
shunt away some of the RF, but still the NST's can fail
from time to time.  I've had good results using synchonous
rotary gaps with NST's using only safety gaps.  The sync gaps
give excellent performance also.  LTR sized caps may help by
keeping the voltage lower on the xfrmer and caps.


John Freau