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Re: A Question about SRSG


Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: MaverickIce00-at-aol-dot-com
>  Another thing (this might sound a little silly) is when do
> you turn on a motor relative to the power to the coil? I was thinking that
> you might be able to put a switch on the 120 VAC line and hook the motor to
> it in parallel, so the motor started running the same time as the coil. Even
> if you did that, wouldn't the motor have to have some time to reach full
> speed? I've heard about positioning the rotor at angles (like 315 degrees or
> something like that), and I think I know what this means, but i'm not quite
> sure... Any help would be very much appreciated.

in my system i use a series of relays, a timer and a motor contactor. when
i push
the on button on the pendent it brings in a relay that latches through the off
button relay, this on relay puts power to the fan (or rsg motor)and starts the
timer. this allows the fan to come up to speed before the timer energizes the
main contactor for the transformer. then when the off push button is pressed it
energizes the latching relay, dropping out the on relay thereby shutting the
whole thing down. this works great as i keep my thumb on the off button at all
times the coil is running incase anything happens. when firing in close
i figured that if i was hit by a streamer, the involuntary contraction of my
muscles would cause me to squeeze the off button and for outside runs i can
25' back and operate. i have the circuit drawn in windows paint, if any one
like it let me know off list and i will send it out?
hope this helps,   marc

> Thanks,
> - Joshua