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I would love to attend the teslathon on Oct 14. However...
October my life belongs to Hangman's House of Horrors, on Forest Park near
Every weekend the hours are from 7PM to Midnight. My coil will be there
starting tonight for assembly and initial testing.

But, I just posted a photo of my first light to my spare webpage:
You can also see my MMC at

Good luck on your water bill!!! I am spray painting my grass green next week
if there isn't any rain!
Yesterday I pounded a 4.5 foot ground rod through the slab of the "room" at
the House with no problem (no rocks). Not fun. Now to add lot's of water.

More later


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Bert gave me some hints as to what you were doing but this Sounds like a
great system.
Don't know if you would be interested in a chance to "Show it off" to over
a dozen other coilers but I have been watering my RF ground in prep. for
our Oct. 14th Teslathon. 
Your setup would be a nice addition to the other coils we will be showing,
Look forward to seeing you at the show.

P.S. Write that book.

TR: As for the book...I am thinking about it...if someone will guarantee I
won't get sued by the ESTATE of a stupid builder!


Original poster: "Ted Rosenberg" <Ted.Rosenberg-at-radioshack-dot-com> 

Hello everyone.
It gives me great pleasure to announce that after some 11 months, many hours
of research, reading, asking questions, getting answers (and good ones too)
that I am announcing that I achieved First Light at 8:30 PM, Sept 3.

The specs follow:

POWER: Allanson 15KV, 60mA NST
SAFETY GAP: Standard Fritz MOV Array (thank you Terry!)
TANK CAPACITOR: EMMC using 5 perf boards. Each board has 20 Seacor
..047mf/1600V metal polys in series with 10Mohm bleeder resistors across
each. All perf boards in parallel to provide a total of .0117mF at 32KV
SPARK GAP: My own new design that I call the TTL, Ted's Totally Linear gap.
I will have many close up photos later on but for now...it is comprised of
nine 1.75 inch diameter by 2.25 inch long copper sweat couplings. Each has a
1/2x1/2x5 inch aluminum U channel bolted to it. They sit, side by side by
side on top of an 18" long ceramic tile ledge with the U channel over the
ledge, pointing downwards. Once you insert 2 business cards or 3 playing
cards between each tube and move each to take up the gap slack, you then
start to clamp a strip of wood down tightly on the U channel "handles" to
lock your gap setting using 10 1/4-20 machine screws in-between each U
After running the coil for several minutes, all tubes were only luke warm!
No fans required.

PRIMARY: 16 Turns, 1/4 Refridgerator tubing with 1/4 spacing. Threaded into
6 HDPE supports (took 4 hours). ID is 8 inches. OD is 24 inches. Current TAP
is at turn 13.0

SECONDARY: 6 inch diameter x 30 tall Plexiglas with about 24 inches of #22
AWG enamel and lots of Polyurethane to seal. Special connectors top and
bottom to allow fast RFG connection and toroid connection.

TOROID: 8 Foot (started) alumininum compressed duct, 6-inches in diameter.
22-inches OD, 9-inches ID. Two steel pie plates bottom to bottom with spot
JB Welds to secure the edges.

FUSE: Front panel mounted 15A fast blow Edison base fuse
EMI FILTER: 37A Corcom EMI filer wired backwards

CABINET: rectangle box on casters made of 1/2 birch ply. Sealed and painted
sky blue. 2 foot square by 1 foot high. Back, ventilated access door. Front
padlock modified RV AC interlock panel to prevent stupid people from
applying power. Brass interface plumbing to allow quick connection of the
#4AWG RFG cable.

WEIGHT: about 60 pounds
HOURS TO CONSTRUCT: About 630 (including reading everything on the list and
printing out dozens of e-mails)
COST TO BUILD (all new parts...zero scrounging) $600 estimated

Ted Rosenberg
Ft Worth TX
Coiler at Large