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Run Time

Al: The key to the first run success of my coil has been the wonderful and
detailed knowledge available for free from all the dedicated members of the
pupman-dot-com list!
Without knowing anything about coiling, I began to read and absorb and ask
more questions than I can recall. assume nothing. Question everything.
Measure 4 or 5 times and cut 1 or 2 <smile>.

When it came to caps, Terry seemed to have the corner on mega-buys. I
checked with a WIMA rep who told me "sure...three months." Then I heard from
Dave McKinnon of D&M Hi Voltage. His caps checked out (www.seacor-dot-com) and I
first bought 50 then another 50. The 'container" was my own design and it
seems compact and workable (and not too $$). the only shortcoming of those
caps, as I mentioned before, is that they have short leads. When adding the
series jumper and the bleeder cap, you really need a decent pair of small
needle nose pliers and patience.

I won't be running the coil too long at a time at The Hangman's House of
Horrors. After all, how many seconds does it take to cause an uncontrolled
bladder? I figure 2-3 seconds. The duty cycle might be every 60 to 90
seconds. I don't anticipate a probelm there. But I will be doing some longer
run times AFTER Oct. 31. I frankly don't want to push the envelope before

Until now the longest run was about 30 seconds and, as I mentioned, NOTHING
was hot, not even my TTL static gap tubes...except me cause it was 100+ deg

I hope to post all the photos on my spare webpage on the weekend. Tonight
the coil gets installed and tested again at the HHH for RFI (Moto business
band radios) and the big question...will we burn the house down. More on
this manana.

QUESTION TO ALL: What is the best way to safely transport the relatively
delicate toroid??? Bit, lined pillowcase?

Subject: Re: FIRST LIGHT

Original poster: "Al Hassick" <uncadoc-at-juno-dot-com> 

Hi Ted!  Your coil sounds great!  When you fire it up for longer runs let
me know how your caps hold out and for how long a period of sustained run
they can handle. I would like to try them if you are successful!  Thanks,

On Tue, 05 Sep 2000 11:47:43 -0600 "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> Original poster: "Ted Rosenberg" <Ted.Rosenberg-at-radioshack-dot-com> 
> Hello everyone.
> It gives me great pleasure to announce that after some 11 months, 
> many hours
> of research, reading, asking questions, getting answers (and good 
> ones too)
> that I am announcing that I achieved First Light at 8:30 PM, Sept 3
> TANK CAPACITOR: EMMC using 5 perf boards. Each board has 20 Seacor
> .047mf/1600V metal polys in series with 10Mohm bleeder resistors 
> across
> each. All perf boards in parallel to provide a total of .0117mF at 
> 32KV