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Re: 1500-3000 turn coils


I think that only a very small rise can be attributed to actual linear 
transformer action, and it is mostly resonant rise.  One thing to note, 
many people built candle stick secondaries, with poor performance (before 
the advent of the Internet and the creation of chip's list, with pooling of 
great minds, :)), but I think the greater inductance makes sense. But as 
John Freau has said, many factors play a role...


David Trimmell

At 05:30 PM 9/6/00, you wrote:
>Original poster: "Dan Kunkel" <dankunkel-at-hotmail-dot-com>
>Coil Enthusiasts,
>With all this recent talk of "overwinding" secondaries i thought i'd like to
>throw in a different explanation. not that i am tossing aside the more
>primary turns equates to less loss in the spark gap idea. but a Tesla Coil
>is still a transformer. not ALL the voltage rise that occurs because of
>resonance. there is still a portion that is caused by a simple turn to turn
>so it's probably a combination of less loss in the gap and turn to turn
>voltage rise.  just a thought.
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