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A Question about SRSG

Dear List,

    I was wondering if an 1800 RPM 1/4 HP motor with four rotary electrodes 
would be considered synchronus? I don't know much about synchronism, and i've 
been having trouble accessing the archives (it keeps saying: Could not 
connect) so it would help if someone were to shed some light on what makes a 
motor synchronus. Another thing (this might sound a little silly) is when do 
you turn on a motor relative to the power to the coil? I was thinking that 
you might be able to put a switch on the 120 VAC line and hook the motor to 
it in parallel, so the motor started running the same time as the coil. Even 
if you did that, wouldn't the motor have to have some time to reach full 
speed? I've heard about positioning the rotor at angles (like 315 degrees or 
something like that), and I think I know what this means, but i'm not quite 
sure... Any help would be very much appreciated.

- Joshua