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Re: Biggg coil's opening night

On Tue, 05 Sep 2000 11:39:22 -0600 "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
>Original poster: "Jeff W. Parisse" <jparisse-at-teslacoil-dot-com> 
>>   I do have varible inductance, but there seems to be no "sweet 
>spot" to
>> get the voltage up & current down.  This morning I've cranked up 
>> ballast and got the voltage way down, but current stays high.  I 
>> notice the capacitor charging current with no spark gap operation 
>> This is the first time I have used this high of 
>> This may just be a normal condition for this value?
>That value of a cap should draw around 80A (ballpark). What are you
>pulling now? Can you recap your power control equipment for me?

  If I figure right, the capacitive reactance for 0.173 uF at 60 Hz is 15
kohm.  With 20 kV charging current, but no spark gap activity the current
should be 1.3 amps.  As measured, it was 1.5 amps.  The ratio of the
transformer is 96:1 (240v/23000v) the input voltage for this test was 175
volts at 155 amps.   The measured input current at 150 volts during
actual operation and 14 foot sparks was over what my clamp on amp meter
could register, 300+ amps.  This of coarse pops my 100 amp feed breaker
in 5 seconds.

  The control cabinet has a switchable 0 to 20 mH range & also has
switchable resistance up to 1 ohm.  With full inductance, I get 9 volts
in at 5 amp, so there is a wide range of inductance available.  It may
just be a quirk with this particular transformer.

Any ideas? I know this current is way too much.  I also did check to make
shure the magnetic field of the H.V. transformer was not affecting the
meter movement, as this has happened to me before.

Kevin E.


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