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RE: SRSG Timing

Thanks. I thought so but I had to confirm it. At least the modified strobe
won't cost me as much. :)))

BTW, if my NST source were, say, three 15kV 60 paralleled for 180, what mods
would I make to your protection circuit?

Yes, the person who said this is my first and only coil is eating crow or
something. Planning the second coil.

Safety First


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Hi Ted,

	It's faster, easier, and cheaper just to convert the RS strobe
rather than
messing with a timing light.  Of course, you can fairly easily set the gap
by trail and error without a light, but it is handy if you do a lot of
fiddling or want to set the timing to a known spot.



At 09:57 AM 10/10/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I plan to build an SRSG soon. Got the same motor that John Morawa bought.
>Decent and for $21 inc shipping...a deal!
>Question...is there any value to an automotive timing light to set it up
>120 BPS? I have a Sears Xenon strobe...maybe from 1970 that still works.
>Runs off 12V of course. Just a thought. Otherwise, it's time to build
>Terry's RadioShack strobe.
>Ted AKA
>Ted Rosenberg
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