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Re: ero cap question

1nf (1 nanofarad) would be written .001uf (.001 microfarad) or 1000pf
(1000 picofarad, or sometimes called micro micro farad, uuf).
1mf, as jim lux pointed out, should actually be 1 milla farad or 1000
microfarads. i to have been guilty of using mf for uf in the past but am
trying to keep it straight now, although i see commercial caps with mfd
as microfarad, go figure? it's a lot easier to say 1nf then .001uf, so a
10 nf (nonofarad) cap would be the same as a  .010uf (microfarad)
capacitor, these ae in the ranges of tc use. hope this helps you because
i think i confused myself?,    marc