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Re: Larger secondary more efficiency?

Hi Alan

If you live near Auckland, there is a sonotube manufacturer called Sonoco.
They sell a wide range of sizes to the public and have quite reasonable

Sonoco NZ Ltd
3 Hickory Ave
ph: 839 0177 

Best regards,

Gavin Hubbard

At 21:49 8/10/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Original poster: "Kelly & Phillipa Williams" <kellyw-at-ihug.co.nz> 


>I would like an 8" or larger secondary, to increase efficiency,
>but over 6 inches PVC pipe becomes too expensive for me.
>I asked around about cardboard tubes equivalent to sonotube, 
>(for forming concrete columns) but all I can obtain 
>is 300mm OD tube, (that's 11.8 inches). - BTW this is cheap.