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equipmrent resources

Well folks, the response to this barter/sale list has already been 
remarkable, an this is less than 12 hours after posting!!!!!!

I wanted to clarify and make a disclaimer :))) I will put people in touch 
with each other, if there are items wanted.....It is then up to those parties 
to come to a price and work out shipping. I do however need to know what has 
been sold, and is no longer needed, so I can take it off the list... I don't 
want the wrath of tesla coming down on me, if i try to set folks up, and the 
rare 200kv .08 cap is no longer available, for instance .

I will try to set up a directory of things available as soon as I 
can...hopefully in the next few weeks.

Thanks for the responses, and suggestions!

Chris W