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moderator note

Hi All,

I just wanted to mention a few notes.

Please be sure to snip of the old parts of posts that are no longer needed
in your replies.  This helps keep posts from growing and growing...

I ask that simple "thank yous" and other short personal notes be sent
directly to the person involved rather to the whole list.  Even though the
server is now capable of very high bandwidth, not all of our mailboxes are ;-)

The threads about getting shocked and safety always get people's adrenaline
going and I would like to thank everyone for being very calm this time.  As
moderator, I try to stay out of things unless It gets out of hand.
Fortunately, everyone is super nice and tolerant these days :-))

There are about 750 people on the list from all over the world so try and
keep posts clear and directly focused on Tesla coils.

Over all, things are very quite on the moderation front and I am very laid
back about it these days.  Thanks to everyone for making my job so easy! ;-))

Chip's new server has been working perfectly!  Giant thank's to everyone
who helped Chip out there!!  It's wonderful not having to worry if all the
posts got lost and the other odd problems the older machine sometimes had.
Even QWEST is calm ;-)  I assume since there have been no reports of odd
problems for months now, that all is going well out there too.  Posts have
been running in the 40-50/day range but with things going so smoothly it
does not seem like it.  

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome...