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Re: Tungsten Electrodes .25"

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Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2000 9:09 AM
Subject: Re: Tungsten Electrodes .25"

> Original poster: "Jeffery Pederson" <kd4lyh-at-webtv-dot-net> 
> In regards to .25 Tungsten you could try Southern Tool and Steel.
> 1-800-647-5188.
> They have a minimum order but I cant remember how much. I think its
> either $50.00 or $100.00. Its expensive stuff ,I think they wanted
> $12.95 each for .25"X1.5" long pieces. You could also try looking in the
> Thomas Register to shop around for a better price. Hope this helps.
> Regards to all

  Ouch! Thats expensive. Well I guess I'll have to keep on looking around.
Thanks anyway.