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Re:re re BIG DUMMY Accident

To all on the Tesla List:

I have been in the "lurk mode" for quite a while now.  And I
have read all the posts to the List about some (unfortunate)
mishaps by a number of subscribers.  Human nature notwithstanding,
what Scot D. wrote below is all too familiar to me.  (I have never
gotten into the "hobby" of rocketing) but non-the-less, each and
every time there is a "woops" in our  collective activities, and as
these events get published, sooner or later, we will loose our
(collective) "hobby" freedom.  I cannot speak for Chip Atkinson
(the Tesla List owner), nor for Terry Fritz, (the Tesla List moderator),
but I can speak for myself.  All of you on the list today.....

Take a step backwards, to the time this List was first posted.  In 
those days, there were maybe less then 50 "subscribers".  Look at
the mailing list of this fine service today.  What?  Maybe over

It would be great if those of us who have been at this "hobby" for
more then a quarter century, to "spread" our (collective) knowledge
to all the new members of the List.  But let's face it; that is just not
physically possible with only 24 hours in a day, and each of us, 
having to make ends-meet each week, and each month, having to
prioritize our e-mails to resondants.

Heck, even I, after more then 30 years in "coiling", have made some
(almost) life-threating errors.  It is all too easy to become complacent
in our activites, (since it is all so familiar to us as we work on our
projects), so I ask each of you the following.

#1)  Doubt your judgement, especially around any high voltage

#2)  If someone suggests something to you as you work, listen to
       that person (or persons), and give serious consideration to what
       he/she is/are saying to you.

#3)  Don't for a single moment think, that you know *all* the answers
       to your particular set-up/installation.  Another person's view is
       not only valuable, but is not seen through the paradigm of your
       own vision.  

#4)  Learn to pay respect (and attention) to the comments that others
       give you, as you work on/with your coil projects.

#5)  Never and I mean *NEVER* think that "you-know-it-all" or
       that "yeah, I've tried that before and it doesn't work".  Never
       totally dismiss the suggestions of others.  Those folks will more
       then likely, have a vast different perspective on what you are
       trying to do, and thier suggestions/ideas should be paid due
       attention on your behalf.

#6)  (And last on my soap-box list).  Learn to listen to your own
       "inner voice".  It will clue you in, on a situation that beggs for
        impendinging disaster!  Do *not* ignore your intuition at any
        point in your Tesla Coil activites.  Always error on the side
        of caution.  With less complaciency (while working) on our
        coils and other high voltage projects, we will each be doing
        our (responsible) part, to insure that there is an unencumberec
        future for all of us, in this fantastic world of Tesla.  

> Date:          Wed, 04 Oct 2000 18:17:01 -0600
> To:            tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
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> Subject:       Re:re re BIG DUMMY Accident

> Original poster: "BunnyKiller" <bigfoo39-at-telocity-dot-com> 
> Tesla list wrote:
> > Original poster: "Metlicka Marc" <mystuffs-at-orwell-dot-net>
> >
> > david,
> >
> >  as it has been stated, it will take
> > only one death, in this day and age, for the government to put a control
> > on coiling. i'm sure some committee is chomping at the bit to put a stop
> > to our interest's
> > please people, this isn't a tinker toy we have here, don't ruin it for
> > me with your stupidity.
> snipperz again...
> Hi All ....
> its me Scot D ....    as usual i have been interested in the "up and coming"
> ""hobbies"" that are usually "uncontrolled" by the government. Back in the
> early 80's I was involved with " hi-powered rocketry" at the time of its
> conception, to be involved with this field was a mere matter of joining the
> membership and with that membership it allowed one to purchase and fire hi
> powered motors. Memebership was at a minimal 500 people, now the membership
> is at close to 9000+ people ( even before me the regulation factors to
> become involved in hi powered rocketry was a matter of knowledge alone ...
> minimal at that) at the 3000 mark of interested participants ( active
> Tripoli members) the government stepped in and began to control the
> activities of how we were able to purchase materials and various components
> to enable us as a group to persue the hobby. As of today, to be involved in
> Hi powered rocketry requires a written test of knowledge, a proof of
> workmanship, and an actual firing of the rocket and recovery before one can
> pass on to the next level ( 3 levels to be exact)
> As Marc has stated ...    if we do not be careful, this "group" of TCers
> will eventually be controlled by the government as hi powered rocketry has
> been consumed.  A simple hobby of our interests, our common bond of
> intellectual interests will be regulated by those who really dont understand
> what we are doing will be eventually consumed by red tape, confusion and
> regulation which will make purchasing materials for our hobby a hardship.
> In retrospect....    we all know what we are dealing with. Lets all be
> careful and not make the mistakes that can harm our precious hobby...
> Scot D
Tesla Technology Research