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RE: Where to get magnet wire?

The www.eis-ind-dot-com site sold me wire - ten pounds at 4.90 a pound!

total cost is about $57 Not bad! not bad at all there.

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Here are some wire vendors from previous posts that I have saved.

>From Adam:
www.wiretron-dot-com  $9.65 / pound  (#22 heavy armor polythermaleze)
www.mwswire-dot-com   $9.32 / pound  (#22 heavy formvar)
www.mouser-dot-com    $7.45 / pound  (#22 heavy nysol)
www.eis-ind-dot-com   $3.57 / pound  (#22 heavy armor polythermaleze)

>From Trent Mullins:
I found a great source for magnet wire.
JCH Wire in Salt Lake City, UT.
Ask for Ty.
All sizes and specs available.

>From Mark:
I found an excellent source for magnet wire.  Contact Fay Electric Wire Co.
Oshkosh, WI -at- 920-426-0792 (no Web site).  They quoted me $1.95 plus copper
($1.07 yesterday) per pound.  That's $3.02 per pound for 22 AWG magnet wire!
The downside is that they have a 10 pound minimum purchase, and I don't know
how much shipping is (not TOO much, I'd imagine).  10 pounds is about 4
what I need now (all the more for another coil in the future :-), but maybe 
so bad for those with 8-10" coils.

The best source I have found is Joe Casseta at the Coax Connection  10 S.
Meadow Lane  Naperville, IL 60564  phone 630-420-0342.  He has all varieties

of wire in any length you want including magnet wire, RG213 for high voltage

distribution, etc.

Ed Sonderman