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RE: MMC Cap astonishing!! YAY!!

You will soon discover, if you haven't already, that MMC arrays bring FUN to
coiling. I came into coiling while the MMC was just being discovered by
many. Sure there are those who, due to cost considerations, must either roll
their own using polyethelene and aluminum sheets, or beer/wine bottles. And
surely there are some great coils made using those really inexpensive but
sometimes messy caps. Watch out if Tupperware becomes expensive <grin>

But along comes the MMC and using a little math, some calculations for LTR
values and, sometimes, more money than you either have or had planned, you
have a reliable, neat, non-messy, and awfully efficient tank cap. and really
long streamers from the gitgo!

My 2 cents too.

Ted Rosenberg
Geek Group Member #1030
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!

Subject: MMC Cap astonishing!! YAY!!

Original poster: "Garry F." <garryfre-at-pacbell-dot-net> 

I just hooked up this single string MMC cap someone just sent me at the
capacitance and I got big powerful streamers about 12-14" long off the
and I've not even tuned it yet!!
I just sat there stunned with my JAW HANGING so low you could have driven a
DIESEL TRUCK through it without hitting a TOOTH. YOU COULD HAVE KNOCKED ME
Yeesh, if this is how a single string performs, how would two, or three or
strings do? Who needs anything else?
I guess there are NO words to describe it. No wonder MMC's have taken over
tesla field!!
My strongest gratitude to the kind person here (You know who you are!) who
the CAP to me, You have taught me more about CAPS in about 3 seconds of
astonishment than I've learned in my entire life, and have turned
over a missed delivery into JOY!! 
We don't need no Transmitting Doorknob anything!