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Re: Where to get magnet wire?

The last time I ordered from ElectroEnergy, The price came to $4.00/lb. or
They might impose a minimum price per order, though.  Their website is 


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Subject: Where to get magnet wire?
Author:  "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> at INTERNET
Date:    10/3/00 5:13 PM

Original poster: "Garry Freemyer" <Garry-at-NDFC-dot-com> 
I tried my usual place, that would be www.newark-dot-com but the cost of wire 
has gone up about $7 a pound and they only have it in rolls up to 1000 feet, 
no larger.
I tried parawire-dot-com but they closed at 4AM and I wasn't able to get my 
questions answered.
Any good places to order wire aside from these?
I am in Chico CA area. aobut 100 miles  north of Sacramento