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Re: flashover

David Trimmell wrote to the list:
> You are using a pointed discharge terminal?


Yes, I'm using a discharge pin protruding 20 mm horizontally from 
the 1" x 5" toroid. The clearance between the uppermost turn of the 
secondary and the toroid is 20 mm. I had to use the toroid instead 
of a 2" dia sphere because of heavy corona (having burnt the PP 
coil form already) from the originally added space wound turns 
which I've removed in the meantime.

> 10 KV DC, what size filter cap are you using?
- Cornel Dubilier 10 kV/15 F

> Got some deadly joules there.
- I know. And the big 3 phase tranni from the russian mobile radar 
wants to bite as well  ;-)