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Re: Latest on Cupcaps

i was just wondering what if you pour alittle oil in each cup as you built
the cupcap(alum,cup,oil,alum,cup,oil, and so on) this way most of the oil
will all ready be in the cups and when you push the cups together it will
help in getting the oil in the nooks and crannys. good coiling
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> Hello Marc & Tesla List,
> You'll recall that I've been rather busy and didn't have much time for
> coiling the last few weeks.  During that interval my Cup Caps where on
> the workbench where they were exposed to the afternoon sunlight.  As a
> result, they had quite a bit of thermal cycling, and I had to add more
> oil before connecting them back up to the coil.
> The tuning spot had moved a bit due to the adding of the oil, but once
> I had it in tune again, the discharges where very hot and thick to a
> grounded strike rod, reaching  out to about 10 to 12 inches.  I still
> don't get any breakouts from the toroid like I get with my commercial
> mica cap or with my old 6 x 1 liter poly jug brine caps.
> The fact that I had to add oil indicates that it takes time for the oil
> to seep down into all of the nooks and crannys of the nested cups.
> Maybe I should have drawn a vacuum on the caps to purge the air.
> Anyhoo, I'll keep fiddling and post my findings.
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