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Re: Hmmm, I'm a little lost here.

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Garry Freemyer" <Garry-at-NDFC-dot-com>
> I got a difficulty here. I need enough wire to wind around a 6" form to
> create a wound area 30" high and the guage can be anything between #22 and
> #28 and I need it in feet or pounds.

Hi Garry ....

for a 6"x30" coil with #28 will be approximately 3400 feet of wire

before you purchase the wire check out McMaster-Carr for the prices and
availability on what wire you may need ....   normally their prices range 30 -
60 $ for the 10 lb rolls of magnet wire ( 10 lb rolls have pleanty on them to
make 2 coils)

Scot D