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RE: darn the formula torpedoes

Terry: So you advocate really small vertical adjustments to get "the
coupling" level? if so, 1/4"?, 1/2"? Once my coil is home from the HHH, I
want to fine tune the coupling. I'm designing adjustable vertical primary
platform supports. Just wonder what the smallest adjustment increment I
should aim for?

Ted Rosenberg
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At 12:03 PM 10/3/2000 -0400, you wrote in part:

>...i know that in the corum papers that they state that the inductance 
>into the secondary windings is not an issue, but i can't see how it 
>wouldn't be? ...
>respectfully,  marc

I can't imagine how it wouldn't be a big factor either Marc!  

In general, you want the coupling to be high so that the primary energy is
transfered to the secondary as quickly as possible before the losses eat it
all up.  IMHO, coupling is a fairly critical factor in determining streamer