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Re: Ballast Inductor

Thanks for the responses to my inquiry about my ballast inductor/variac 
attempt.  Since 1.72 millihenries seems quite small (the house service would 
dislike 190 amps!) I think the easiest way for me to make use of the 
inductor is to wrap another layer (maybe 2?), another 100 feet of #10 right 
on top of the first. Putting these in series ought to help, right?  I 
imagine it won't be a simple doubling of the inductance.  Is this where the 
squared rule comes in that you mentioned Jim?

I'm certain there are better ways to do this, but I'm just doing this for 
fun, so that's ok.

Thanks again,
MPF (Michael, but there are already too many of those ;-)
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