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ferrite traps

i remember briefly seeing a study of, i think yours, using ferrite traps
on nst's? i looked again and couldn't find it, i wish i would have read
it through? can you point me in the right direction, as i fried an nst
last night while trying to sort out this breakout problem people are
having with the cup cap (yes i have been listening and i'm going to try
to sort it out now that my workspace is reorganized). i'm going to build
your rc network, i have some large power resistors and caps but i also
have some clamp on traps.
also, this is really going to show my dumb, can you give a sketch or
explanation as to how to hook the trans. across the gap? i don't think i
have it across the cap now but ?. i've only lost two nst's in my coiling
time but i really don't want to loose anymore and the few systems i have
built for others will be protected as soon as i figure all this out? i'm
thinking just lucky might be the reason i haven't lost more?
thanks,   marc