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Re: 400 Hz?

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> Can you run a pole pig system from a 400hz
> generator?
> What are the downsides? 
In approaching the problem of these frequencies I have
got responces both ways, I think this version from
freengy list may be correct from Dave Dameron who has
often commented on my 3 phase questions;

Many power transformers are rated form 50 to >400 Hz.
The reactance may
limit the current and power at higher frequencies, so
they should not
overheat at 400Hz. High magnetization currents would
be from operating a
400Hz transformer at a lower frequency, such as 50 or
60Hz. There may be
more hystersis loss at 400+ Hz, but this is "iron"
loss, not in the copper.
Do you know the number of poles in your alternator?
Frequency = rpm*(No.
poles)/60. The windings that the varnish melted off,
were these the field
winding or the output windings?
(The field is DC, not AC, was it rated for the full 12
volts?). If it was
the output windings, what was the load connected?
Remember for the same
flux, the output voltage increases linearly with (sine
wave) frequency as
the change of flux is what's important

Obviously if you are thinking of using this higher
frequency to begin with, you are using 3 phase, so
other possibilities to the norm exist in that regard(HDN)

Binary Resonant Systemhttp://www.insidetheweb-dot-com/mbs.cgi/mb124201

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