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RE: Color That Coil

Chris: You might be right. However, I will investigate the kinds of
colorants available. Most I've used with Clear Cast, another 2-part
"plastic" epoxy, have been as clear as liquid food color and apparently
alcohol or some other petroleum based compound. But I will check. Thanks.
BTW, "colour?" Going Brit on us?

Ted Rosenberg
Geek Group Member #1030
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Subject: Re: Color That Coil

Original poster: "Christopher Boden" <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com> 

Ted, just remember that many colouring agents are conductive, especially 
black, blue, and various other dark colours.

I'd stay away from metallics too :)

Original poster: "Ted Rosenberg" <Ted.Rosenberg-at-radioshack-dot-com>
>Hello Ralph and all:
>Because the idea of a "color coordinated coil" sounds corny and FUN, I am
>going to test an alternative method of adding your favorite color to the
>secondary. (Polka Dots are OUT!)
>I finally got to examine Pour On at my favorite ACE hardware.
>This means any ACE can order it, by the way.
>Pour On is a decoupage material used to make bar-tops drink proof. It is
>perfect for coils. You can also add a colorant to the clear mix. Now will
>that colorant over ride the natural copper? Don't know. But that will be 
>subject of the experiment. The colorant can be obtained from craft stores.
>But I'll say that if you do color the mix, the white PVC should look mighty
>fine too!
>Now, who wants to look into color anodizing the toroid <big smile>?
>Ted AKA
>Ted Rosenberg (RS employee and)
>Geek Group Member #1030
>Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!

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