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Re: ugly secondarys

Hi Marc,

	I set up a directory at:

If people want to send pics I'll post them here.  Occasionally, QWest may
change this cheap dynamic IP address but I'll let you all know where it goes.

If people can somehow put their name in the filename or the picture, it
will help keep things straight.  I still have my IGTUSOA so I have to get
the camera now ;-))  Mine is a "ingeneless" coil "system" but...

All can send pics to:


Of course, some will also send them to the list no mater what I say... :-))
 I'll try and catch them there too but life is far better it you send them
to the above e-mail address. 

If you don't have a digital scanner or camera I can scan a pic for you if
anyone is that desperate ;-))



BTW - Time to polish up the fabulous GMHEICSLR cup ;-)  I think I see a
speck of dust on it! ;-)  Getting close to two years now!!   Ha ha ha!!!


At 11:29 PM 10/1/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>hello to all,
>i dug up my first secondary yesterday, just to flash some lights? i am
>going to say that "I HAVE THE UGLIEST SECONDARY OF ALL". if anyone
>thinks they can beat that statement, let the games begin. if interested,
>i can send a pic or, if terry doesn't think this too silly, maybe he'll
>put my pic on his page?
>in the spirit of terry's gmheislr cup i think that i can even put a nice
>I Got The Ugliest Secondary Of All, or "IGTUSOA"- award together. this
>is one time that haste and lack of care can pay off. i think we need to
>get a little light heartedness back into the game?
>any taker's? comments? opinions? (that may be a loaded question?)