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Re: Spark length records- was Magnifiers vs normal TCs

A slightly edited answer to on off list question...

Hi David,

At 09:41 PM 10/1/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Terry,
>Evidently the pupman ring is down today, so I decided to write you
>directly, as I really want to know the truth regarding this issue. In a
>letter you posted to the list yesterday (9-30-00), you stated:

Yeah, something's broke.  I have a note into to Chip about it...

><< I may be reopening an old wounded myth, but no one has achieved 130 foot
>  arcs.  This includes Dr. Tesla.  I think Richard Hull's analysis put the
>  maximum arc length achieved at Colorado Springs at around 32 feet >>
>If this is true, then I guess that I have been misinformed all of these years
>in this regard. I have not had a chance as of yet to read Richard Hull's "CS
>Notes" about Tesla, and I wasn't on the list yet last December (heck, I did
>not even have my PC yet). I have read Margeret Chaney's Tesla bio. "Man
>Out of Time" and it stated that Tesla did indeed achieve 135 ft sparks in CS
>in 1899. I have also read this from other sources. I realize that there was
>a lot of inaccuracies in the info obtained from the life of Tesla, so if I've 
>misinformed all of this time, then please set me straight, as I only want to
>know the "real story".

Margaret wrote that but when a number of people went digging...  Oops!  No
supporting data could be found!!  Tesla at times "speculated' about arc
length but the real documented length he achieved is 32 feet.  When one
goes digging into the times of experimentation and power available to him,
He simply didn't have the equipment needed to go much further than 32 feet.
 The New York project did have this power but was never operated.  So,
sorry, but those 130, 300, 10 mile arcs are all fantasy...  In the "free
energy days" of the 80's, all kinds of claims were made of what Tesla did.
However, we now know from actual documentation that what he really did was
super great, but within reason for what he had available to him. 

>You also stated:
>Yes, I have seen Bill Wysock's Model 13 Maggie on his webpage and it is
>indeed a sight to see. I would love to be able to see this in real life. 

Bill was going to try and fire it up this year in CA and IL but I don't
know if that ever was worked out.  He sent out a few announcements but then
he retracted a few.  Obviously, firing this monster is a major undertaking!!

>D. C. Cox claims on his webpage (www.resonanceresearch-dot-com) and I 
>quote, "Tower resonant transformers with spark discharges 6 ft. to 75 ft.
>(2m to 27m)" and "Twin tower 'dueling transformers' with spark discharges
>to 120 ft. (44m)". Do you think Dr. Resonance is saying that he is capable
>of building TCs with outputs of this magnitude, or is he saying that he has 
>already built fully functional prototypes of these "towers" which he can man-
>ufacture and deliver on demand? The web address is:
> www.resonanceresearch-dot-com -- link to "products" and then to "resonance
> (Tesla) transformers".

D.C. once claimed to have made a coil for some rich person that went 60
feet but he was not allowed to talk about it.  Since that prevented
confirmation, "it don't count"...  Unless D.C has done something this
summer (he has been VERY busy) the claims of 75 and 120 feet are what you
can "buy", but not what has been made.  I think D.C. is off list these day
due to his work load...  These super coils are really only within the reach
of a few people and they question the list members for months about them
when they start to make them.  So we all pretty much know what's going on.

> I was just wondering if you were aware of this info and if you thought it
> would be indeed valid? Bill Wysock claims 55 ft sparks and indeed has the 
> photo documentation to prove it! Dr. Resonance claims up to 120 ft. sparks,
> but I have seen no documentation that proves that he has actually accom-
> plished this feat (no offense to Mr. Cox intended). I was just going by what 
> have read and seen. Do you or anyone else have any insight into this issue??

D.C. would be happy to show you photos, documentation, and proof if you
would pay for the coil to me made ;-))  A 120 foot coil would be in the
millions of bucks!!  We know how to make it, but the money is the issue.

I bet Bill will be happy to pull his out and stand you 55 feet away and arc
it to your head if you don't believe him ;-))))

Well, I see a bunch of mail and a note from Chip just arrived so I had
better turn the Tesla list faucet back on :-)



> Coilin' in Memphis, TN,
> David Rieben