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> I am new to the list.
> What is an air gap?
> What is an rsg ?
> Wich is the better gap?
>   king

Hello King,

Welcome on The List!!!

An air gap is a couple of metal spheres or rods mounted adjacent to each
other with the intention to ionize the air between them to unload a builder
potential difference. I think it is the wrong word for it (there is no gap
in the air, but between the spheres). Mostly arc gap or spark gap is used.

An RSG is the abbreviation for Rotary Spark Gap and is a plastic disk with
mounted metal rods rotated by an electrical motor. The metal rods on the
disk are moving with great speed and little distance alongside stationary
metal rods, together forming spark gaps. It is meant to shorten the time
that the spark is 'on' (dwell time).

Look at www.pupman-dot-com and search for RSG. You will not believe what kind of
information you will get.

Greetings from sunny Holland,

Ruud de Graaf