Re: Wives and Tesla coils

For me, the solution for this problem was simple, my wife made me move everything to where I work :)


Tesla List wrote:
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> I've been trying to design a relatively high voltage coil (500kv) which
> doesn't have a loud spark gap.  I'm not a very advanced builder, and
> typically resort to crude equipment such as salt water capacitors, and two
> bolts for a spark gap.  I've tried various solid-state or tube amplifiers,
> but I never can quite get both the power and the frequency for decent
> output.
> The problem is my wife doesn't like some of the blasting sounds of my
> tesla coil, and as a result hates Tesla along with anyone and anything
> associated with him.  At one point in time, I tried to introduce her to
> some of the Tesla's works, but she really isn't interested.  She's taken
> it as a given that I'm a nut, but would prefer if the tesla coil didn't
> make so much noise.
> Any assistance in building quiet (audio) but simple spark gaps would be
> appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
>                             - A. Banerjee