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Tesla List status


If you get this then the list is pretty much back up.  I'm really sorry
for all the delays.  It started out a while back with the tape drive
dying, and was followed by some memory chips going bad, which managed to
take some of the important stuff on the disk with it.  Even though I ran a
diagnostic program to check the memory for a total of three days, it
wasn't found until I tried to get the machine back up this weekend.  Then
the bad memory showed up and hosed things.  A new motherboard, cpu, memory
and case have helped things go much better this time.  

Things still seem to be limping a bit, but Terry and I will be working on
this to get it going.  

The mail headers will probably look a bit odd.  I'll be working on that a
bit too, once other things seem to be under control.  

Other items that will be worked on are improving the reliability of the
set up so that this won't happen again.

If you do not see your postings coming through in a timely manner, please
let me know and I'll start looking into it.  

Thanks for your patience and sorry for all the headaches.  Hopefully this
will settle down quickly.

Chip Atkinson
Tesla list owner

P.S.  I have two auxilliary addresses that you can reach me at,