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Re: ground ring

Hi Richard,

This is just a suggestion, but it sounds to me like your primary cap -at-
2.3 nF is rather small for the size of your secondary coil and also for 
the size of your power xfmr(s). I would also have to assme that your 
primary  coil w/ only 4 turns doesn't have enough inductance to match
the 1733 turn sec. coil, especially with that small of a capacitor. I would
try increasing my pri cap. to 15 or 20 nF.

As for your grounded strike ring, it sounds like you need to try a longer
gap than 1/4". A lot of voltage can be developed in just one loop in the
RF magnetic field. Yes, the ring should be grounded, and I would try 
leaving -at- least 1 1/2" spacing between the two open ends, as apposed
to 1/4". This should solve the arcing problem between the ends, and yes
this sparking would rob a considerable amount if power from the main pri.
circuit and consiquently reduce the output spark considerably.

I hope this helps you out.

                                                    Keep on Sparkin'