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Re: NST Auction in VA & PA

Hello to everybody who has emailed me regarding this auction.
Because of numerous emails regarding this auction, I need to clear a few
things up:

I live in Utah and have access to neon auction information because I am in
neon business.

I do not know "exactly" what will be there and I will not be there either
(unfortunately it's a rather long drive)

I am just as curious as the rest of you as to what is there, and what it
will go for ($).

If anybody can make it, I would like to know the details and outcome.
I'll keep the list posted on any other neon auctions that I stumble upon.
Maybe they'll be one in your area next.

Good Luck and Have Fun (-:,

Trent Mullins
"Bendin' Glass 'n Passin' Gas"

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> a
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> >  lot of NST's and other neon supplies going on the block.
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> >  Good luck!!
> >
> >  Up to 52" on my first coil now,
> >
> >  Trent Mullins
> >  "Bendin' Glass 'n Passin' Gas"
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> Did you look for a bombadier?