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Re: Drill-press for milling?

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Dan and Nancy" <ntesla-at-logicsouth-dot-com>
> I have a drill-press, some end mills, and an x/y milling vise.
> Would it be possible to mill flats on a motor armature for a synchronous
> gap using this setup? The drill-press is fairly heavy duty.

Besides all the other problems already listed, the
biggest one is that there is downwards force to the 
endmill when you are milling.. This will try to pull 
the endmill down, and will pull the drill chuck off 
the morse/whatever taper - which doesn't have pullbar 
to prevent this, like milling machine spindles do..

One "brute-force" method for this is to use epoxy
to glue a morse-tapered end-mill holder to a drill
press.. This presumes dedicated (cheap) drill press
for light milling.. Another more difficult solution
would be to machine a hole through the sprindle for
pullrod. Both have been mentioned to work at 
rec.crafts.metalworking .

Of course, I really wouldn't recommend such (using
drillpress as mill), but each person decides what kind 
of danger is acceptable. >:) However, there are some
www-sites about such abuse of drillpresses, and 
dejanews should find plenty of discussion at the
newsgroup rec.crafts.metalworking

  Kristian Ukkonen.