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Re: E-TESLA 5.50 final...

Hi R. Scott

At 11:14 AM 6/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
><< So I guess the "final" version of the program is now E-Tesla5.50 at:
>  >>
>I've said that before also......final.......are you sure??

Well.. no :-))  However, at this time I don't know of anything else to do
to "my" version.  "My" version is just meant to be the "brass tacks"
technically "get it working" version.  Others can then take it from there
who are far better at making "nice" programs than I.  The only real change
I was thinking of, is if the voltage profile on the secondary could be
better defined someday...

I know a lot of people want nice graphics but that is best left to "real"
programmers rather than 'me'...

>I'm working on a Delphi version to add to WinE-Tesla.......


BTW - "My" version of E-Tesla5 is free, public domain, and can be wildly
used, copied, and incorporated into other programs as anyone pleases.  Of
course, if others make new programs from it, than they can certainly retain
all rights to their versions.  That all goes without saying, but I thought
I would make it clear...

>R. Scott Coppersmith