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Re: async RSG question

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Tesla729-at-cs-dot-com
> Hi all,
> I have a question concerning asynch RSGs. My present RSG for my


Hi Dave..

the reason for the "stationary" look of the disc is that the electrodes are
always in the same position when the gaps fire ...   if you were to slow the
motor down as the gaps were firing you would still see the same result.

what you are accoustomed to is the strobe effect supplied by an other light
source compared to the rotation to the item being "strobed"  that is why you
see the slight rotary motion of the item being strobed if the pps of the
strobe and item are not in total sync.

as far as the stationary gaps not firing from one side of the motor or the
other     ya got me there    maybe you are having problems with grounding the
electrodes to the motor mounts     just an idea....

Scot D