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Re: 1256 variacs + questions

>just wanted to thank everyone who purchased the powerstats from me..trent
>mullins,david dean,chris brick,larry robertson,michael tandy, and of course
>kevin eldridge who i personaly delivered 2 of them as he was showing me his
>totaly INSANE pole pig that he wound himself and built a custom tank for,
>literaly this thing can make a 6 to 8 foot arc just with a jacobs
>ladder,,,,,absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  gotta love it......a final note
>here there is one more of these which we have on ebay, i am keeping 2 for
>myself...there is also a remote possibility that i will get 8 more of 
>these, if
>i do i will let everyone know....

I received mine yesterday.  Checked it over and ran some tests.  At 110V in 
I was getting 285V out with no load.  Nice smooth operation and the thing 
is built like a tank.  Thanks for extending the offer and making things so 

Is Kevin on this list?  If so:

Kevin, would you be willing to share your transformer design with us (me) 
as I am in California and having trouble finding pigs without $300 shipping 
on top of the price.

Another question:

Has anyone built any of their secondary structures with wood.  I am 
designing a large coil and would like to make it an open air design (like 
Greg Leyh's monster) but I am having trouble finding good strong materials 
to build the framework.  If anyone has any wisdom in this area it would be 
greatly appreciated.