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Re: Big top loads

Hi Alan, 

I have two toroids (one is a standard toroid, the other is filled in). 
Regarding performance, I have noticed no difference. Capacitance is the same as
a standard donut toroid. The smoothness, diameter, and ROC are the critical
elements of the design, just as with any top load. 


Tesla List wrote: 
> Original Poster: "Alan Sharp" <AlanSharp-at-compuserve-dot-com> 
> Greetings all, 
> I'm looking at building a much larger topload for 
> my coil, and I was considering moving away from 
> to toriod to a disc shape (a filled in toroid if you like) 
>  ()----()   becomes  (PLATES) 
> So I will still have the outer curviture to hold back 
> the breakout. 
> Am I right in thinking: 
> firstly that the capacitance of this disc will be almost 
> the same as for a toriod of the same dimensions? 
> secondly the disc will electrostatically shield the 
> the secondary exactly as a toriod would? 
> Alan Sharp (UK)